Why I want to become YOUR next Lt. Governor:

Over the past three decades, I have traveled the country performing my personal brand of social, political and autobiographical humor to entertain, inform and enlighten audiences regarding politics, the political process, and the value of progressive public policies.

I’m running for the Democratic nomination for Lt Governor of Massachusetts in 2018 because I want to move from being a long-time political observer outside the political arena to a hands-on program and policy implementer inside the political arena.

I’m also running for Lt Governor of Massachusetts to help shape, articulate, and deliver a message to voters of all political persuasions about a Democratic Party which I believe is positive, progressive, and passionate.

Be it the issues of substance abuse, education, jobs, healthcare, housing, the environment, transportation, immigration, LGBT rights, the elderly, or the criminal justice system, I’m running for Lt Governor to explain to the people of the Commonwealth that Democratic policies matter; that Democratic values matter; and that Democratic vision matters.

I know I am blessed to have enjoyed such a successful career in the fields of humor and entertainment. Over the years I have tried to use my work to support good people and causes regardless of party affiliation.

I’ve also used my talents to passionately support the election and reelection of other democratic public officials who support progressive public policy initiatives.

But as an entertainer, one is not in the position of creating public policies that create positive social change.

Entertainment alone cannot build a new school, improve public transportation, guarantee civil rights or fund a treatment center.

Entertainment alone cannot get guns off the street, house the homeless or heal the sick. Entertainment cannot stop climate change, end a war or make a peace. These are the collective responsibilities of our society.

As a candidate for Lt Governor I look forward to passionately engaging in that collective responsibility.

I hope in the weeks and months to come, you’ll come to believe that my vision is your vision and that my values are your values.

I’m asking for your help. I’m asking for your ideas.

And yes, I’m asking for your financial assistance.

I’m excited to be on this road. I hope you are too

Please join us as we take our Democratic message across the state of Massachusetts to the people of all political persuasions- democrats, republicans and Independents, Green Party and Tea party, the registered voters and the unregistered voters for whom politics doesn’t seem to matter.

Get on the bus as we aspire to engage the people of Massachusetts in the democratic process to the fullest extent possible for the highest purpose possible – “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people”




How You Can Help

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